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in Sheffield
Recent reviews
28 November 2023
Recommended 💯% football shirts framed are absolutely amazing, they did a fantastic job and at such a great price £105 for 2. Will definitely use again Thanks Mo
1 review
6 October 2023
This place if great. Great guys, prompt service. Will definitely use again and recommend.
3 reviews
David M.
29 September 2023
i was very impressed by their friendly and courteous manner from my first phone call, their communication was excellent too, i would unhesitatingly recommend them.
1 review
Sophie s.
5 September 2023
If it was an option I would not give them any stars!! Avoid this company like to plague!! Vets should be ashamed for using them. They make out they all dogs will get an individual cremation that have paid for it but they don’t they put them all in together. I have first hand witnessed today them getting around 30 plus dogs out of a van that was all pilled on top of each other and throwing them ( and I mean THROWING) them into large building bags! Thank god we went to rescue our dog from them today
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2 reviews
23 August 2023
I found PM Property lawyer in my experience to be totally outstanding in every way. Loved their security checks system and email portal communication method. It was brilliant and stress free. Their knowledge was excellant. Their were errors on my part and yet they were patient and very helpful. It was great even while travelling.
2 reviews
17 August 2023
He claimed his Name us Greg but I can see there is no Greg in this dentist practice. He must be a Scam dentist but why is he allowed to oracrice in Briomhill dental practice? My Son had a problem with his tooth. It was aching and also bringing out a whitish substance which means it was infected. Instead of treating and offering antibiotics the dentist filled it and gave us antibiotics. Which is wrong. He should have treated the infection first before filling the tooth. Common sense should
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1 review
29 July 2023
Very friendly and helpful. Had some issues instantly got resolved and some I thought was issues turns out to be myself been paranoid they still checked it over for my piece of mind can't recommend these guys enough, thank you so much Rutland motors
anne d.
5 July 2023
Neil Kerkhoff decorated our living room two weeks ago. He finished it while we were away, we came back to a beautifully decorated room. The room was transformed and we are very happy with Neil's work. We will reccomend him to anyone who needs a decorator. We would definitely ask him to do future work for us. i've already asked him to do the kitchen.
Peter S.
27 June 2023
I visited the shop when i was there the weekend. The shop was very clean and comfortable. The lady done amazing massage on my shoulders and back. Took all my pains and aches away, very attractive. Will go again when i visit Sheffield again.
3 reviews
21 June 2023
Good communication to sort out Mum's fencing, work done quickly, good quality materials and looks great. Paul very friendly and helpful. Thanks for everything
Jamie e.
5 June 2023
Comment Incredible workmanship from Chris, extremely impressive and the price was brilliant. One happy customer
2 reviews
David B.
1 May 2023
Shambolic & extremely unprofessional company, avoid them. We've had a 12kW Mitsubishi Electric ASHP installed at our property to heat the water, two zones and upstairs rads, this work was carried out over three stages whilst undergoing building work, annex UFH, house UFH, upstairs radiators. Started June/July 2021 and we're still rectifying the system now. From day one All Seasons have been a nightmare to deal with, they cannot keep staff for very long - we've had four different "account
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