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Nicelocal is a business directory website that is optimized for Google search performance. Nicelocal listings appear on the first page of search results for 500.000 keywords related to local businesses. Acquire more quality leads and grow your business with Nicelocal advertising
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Nicelocal attracts clients from the Internet search engines thanks to its rich business directory and SEO expertise
More than a million people ready to spend visit Nicelocal every month to look for local services. Make sure you are the first thing they see.
Rise to the top of Nicelocal’s directory and stand out from businesses nearby
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  • Stay on top of Nicelocal search in your business categories and acquire 3-4x more traffic to your Nicelocal page
  • Highlight your listing with color and our stamp of approval to stand out visually
Get advanced content management features even with our most basic plan
Fill your Nicelocal listing with rich content to attract more clients and establish one more customer touchpoint
  • Update your business info to open your business to more potential customers on Nicelocal and on Google
  • Add photos, showcases of your work, prices and offers to give potential customers more reasons to choose you
  • Reply to reviews to create a caring image and dispute false reviews to protect your online reputation
Keep your stats close and your competition closer
Monitor your statistics and competitors’ actions and performance
  • Analyze your lead funnel and look for growth points in search demand, impressions, page views and phone number clicks
  • Choose competitors to track: ads, offers and overall Nicelocal performance
  • Make data-driven decisions on how to further improve your Nicelocal performance
Advertise your business on listings of your competitors and other similar businesses nearby
Use our paid plans to win more listing views and clients from the competition
  • Your listing will be advertised on your competitors’ business pages on Nicelocal as an alternative option
  • Your listing will be ad free and no competitors will be displayed on it
Put your Nicelocal and Google Maps content in sync
Outsource your Google Maps page management to us. Save time, leverage our expertise and enjoy consistent traffic growth in an important marketing channel.
  • Regular page updates to drive Google Maps traffic up
  • Images, videos and other regular content uploads
  • Available in the Gold plan
Choose your plan. Try it at no charge
for 14 days
  • All of Fast Start’s features and more
  • Enhanced listing - get noticed by more customers with your page highlighted by a different color and by our own stamp of approval
  • Advanced page editing features, including review management
Fast Start
  • Rank higher in our catalogue and attract 3 times more clients to your page on Nicelocal
  • Ad-free listing - your page visitors will stay with you and won’t be lost to competitors’ pages
  • Priority customer support
  • All of Premium’s features and more
  • Promotion on Google Maps: we will set up your business page on Google Maps and by leveraging our SEO expertise we will improve its position, traffic and clients
Frequently asked questions
Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
  • What does Nicelocal do to promote businesses effectively?
    Nicelocal is a directory website that ranks high on Google. We get millions of visitors every month because Nicelocal appears on the first page of search results for keywords related to local businesses, products and services. That’s how you must have ended up on this website. So naturally, if you have a listing on Nicelocal, you’ll get access to the customer traffic that searches on Google and lands on Nicelocal. And if you subscribe to any of our plans, your listing will be placed on top of Nicelocal’s directory in your business category, so you’ll be the guaranteed first thing potential customers will see.
  • How can I manage my promotion?
    You can manage your promotion from your business account interface. We will send you login and password for your account right after payment. Then you will have to claim access to an existing listing or create a new one. Once you’re done with that, you’ll be able to manage your listing in the business account. Go to the «Subscriptions» section of the interface, and you’ll be able to cancel your subscription or choose a new plan that suits you better.
  • What exactly will you do to promote me on Google Maps?
    We will create a Google Maps account for you, and if you already have one, we’ll ask for your access credentials. Then we will update your Google Maps account with content and information that will optimize search and drive more traffic to your Google Maps page for relevant keywords. Consider this an outsourcing — we have great expertise in search engine optimization, that includes regular search (and we leverage this expertise for leading lots of traffic to Nicelocal website) and geo search.
  • How are businesses ranked? How can I increase my ranking?
    In short, your ranking is defined by how much content you have on the listing and whether you are a free or a paid client. The exact variables are: your rating (average score and amount of ratings), number of reviews and share of responded reviews, the amount of content on your page, and whether you have a subscription. There are 3 levers to increase your ranking. The first one is actively managing your listing: posting regular content updates, responding to reviews and disputing unjust reviews. The second is choosing a subscription plan for your needs: if you want only top placement in the directory, you’ll do great with Fast Start. However, if you want a highlighted listing on top of that, Premium will suit you better. The third lever lies in analytics: our business account tools visualize your customer funnel on Nicelocal, so you can see how many impressions your listing had, how many people actually went to your listing, and how many of them looked your phone number up. This can give you a hint on where to improve, and our Customer Success Managers will be happy to help you put analytical insights into action.
  • How can I cancel my subscription?
    You can do that yourself in the «Subscriptions» section of your business account or write an email to your Customer Success Manager with a cancellation request.
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According to Nicelocal’s internal research in 2022, on average, businesses that paid for advertising on Nicelocal appeared on search results pages ≈3-4× more frequently than when they didn’t advertise.