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in Liverpool
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50 reviews
Kerry N.
23 November 2023
Advantages I'll go past every photo and printing shops just to go to this one. The owner and staff are incredibly friendly and been in the business for years. been in and out many times now having the pleasure using all their services.visa photos, printing projects to high quality scanning. Always provide the best outcome on anything you receive. My visa photos pass first time every time.I recommend you go to him.Thanks
5 reviews
10 November 2023
Comment Peter did a great job. Lovely honest guy. Explained the issues with the gutters and quickly rectified. All at a reasonable price too! Would highly recommend. Thanks.
4 reviews
sina j.
10 October 2023
hackerrone90 @ GMAIL COM services are is of a kind. I came across this great hacker contact in my search for help recovering my stolen coin, and it was helpful. I invested $150,000 worth of coins with Coin-Flip 3 months ago but they ripped me off the return of investment and the investment capital as well. Thanks to theM for recovering my money back. You can use their help should you find yourself in a similar situation.
2 reviews
5 October 2023
Do not use!!!! Wish I had read the reviews before buying 12 month warranty means nothing. Purchased a corner recliner. No electrics nearby to check it worked. But was assured they had a 12 month guarantee. Delivered and fitted within a week. As soon as I used it the recliner did not work properly and a cable missing for the lights on the console unit. Contacted them to say and a few weeks later sent out someone to assess. The man said it would be two weeks for the part to come in. 8 months
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3 October 2023
Rude and impatient - wouldn't let me talk and kept hanging up on me. I wanted to place an order for my workplace and was ringing from a work phone which has no caller ID restrictions I cannot control. Shouted at me on the phone and I did not have time for to explain to them before they hung up. Repeatedly. It was a shame as I was placing a big order - ended up going with Hortons butchers - nicer and more professional.
2 reviews
Agnes H.
3 October 2023
My £12.40 fare on Sat 30th Sept was debited at £83.40!! When I checked the app, there had been a £71 tip added on (with, of course, no authority by me). When I rang, I firstly spoke to an operator whose command of the english language was minimal. She passed me to a guy whose level of customer service was abysmal, at best. I’ve forgotten more than he will ever know. His whole attitude was confrontational, obstructive, rude&aggressive, while continually speaking over me with his pathetic little
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1 review
Chris H.
29 September 2023
Georgesons prepared the vehicle for sale but when I received the car, the onboard stated a service was due also there were bodily fluid stains on the passenger and drivers seat, missing trim all down the drivers side, badly sprayed rear quarter panel, badges missing from the tailgate. Georgesons told me to ignore the service reminder as they didn't have the equipment to reschedule the onboard and that the next service would be in 18 months. Ok now we're up to date: Had the car serviced by a independent
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1 review
Newrin R.
16 August 2023
Lark Lane Mini Mart has staff who are very approachable and friendly. At first, I thought it was a small sweet shop but when I went inside it was much bigger than I expected and sells everything - all the way from plasters to alcohol. There was also a wide variety of vegan foods inside.
1 review
S m.
8 August 2023
Shoemaster belle Vale is laughable as a Shoe repair shop, half the time it's not open and when it is the customer service it atrocious, I went in to have a Shoe stitched and he said he doesn't have a sticking machine, what Shoe repair shop doesn't have a stitching machine,a family member went to have a Shoe glued and he couldn't do that, what an absolute joke of a shop.
2 reviews
Laris K.
31 May 2023
Unfortunately this mechanic is worst serial lier you will set eye on. He apparently repaired our car,when we had same problems and confronted him he was threatening us. We took the car to alternative mecanic and suspicious was confirmed. He actually took our money and did absolutely nothing. Now his garage on blackstock street is closed,he has been evicted and leaving customers vehicles in the car park. He owes money to many customers for work that he never did as Buckley’s mot test centre staff
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25 April 2023
Got a ignition coil fitted. Got to be the best mechanic I've ever met. A truly genuine man. I have recommended Mike to everyone I know who needs repairs.
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