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1 review
Lisa F.
18 November 2023
If I could rate this setting less than 1 star, I would. Beautiful setting and nice activities for children BUT the owner is very false in her work ethic. She is dishonest to parents and staff and has a high turnover of staff in the short period of time this business has been opened. Avoid.
Julie C.
9 November 2023
We had a young lad called Finn Hugh’s looking after us he couldn’t have been more sincere or helpful at this difficult time I would throughly recommend them
2 reviews
Emma D.
5 September 2023
Please do not order from Relentless unless you want to run a pretty significant risk of ending up thousands of pounds out of pocket. In my case, they mixed up my order with someone else's and sent us both completely the wrong colour. Mine was applied by my installer before the error was identified, meaning I am now looking at a total bill of over £3k to get the correct colour applied. Relentless openly admitted that the mistake was theirs but refused to make any compensation. They pointed me
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1 review
Andrew F.
30 August 2023
Two very well mannered courteous young gentlemen. The customer service was excellent from start to finish. The recovery vehicle was spotless. I will recommend DTD Recovery Leeds to anyone looking for a reliable service.
13 August 2023
The owner of this shop publicly humiliated my wife 7mths ago verbally attacking her for parking in the public disabled bay outside his shop, he accused my wife of not being as disabled as some of his potential customer because she was on crutches and not in a wheelchair, we where literally popping into a shop a few yards from there and was at the most 10mins, not that we should explain ourselves, my wife is in very poor health, she has physical disabilities as well as invisible disabilities 2 of
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2 reviews
Joe T.
8 August 2023
Great instructor, made me feel super at easy and very thorough throughout!
1 review
Dave S.
5 August 2023
Great guys and reasonable prices. I had a 'dead' phone which turned out to need a new screen. The first world problem was such that I needed my phone to gain entry to Headingley Stadium 2 hours after I realised I had a problem. The team diagnosed and repaired the phone in an hour for half the price I had a new screen a few years ago from an alternative store. Will definitely use again if necessary.
1 review
2 August 2023
This has got to be the best Chinese Takeaway restaurant ever in Pudsey. The food there is delicate and super scrumptiouslicious. The staff are so polite and caring. This restaurant never disappoints. I almost order food from here like nearly every week! And I always order my usual, the salt and pepper BBQ spare ribs. The food is perfect. I really recommend!
1 review
Dr. R.
5 July 2023
Impressions of Atkinson Notary are immediately reassuring and professionally correct. Both Chris Atkinson and Louise Morley are consummate legal specialists, and both are equally pleasant and keen to explain even the smallest - as well as the most complex and tortuous - of difficulties. For these reasons especially I have no hesitation in awarding them my hearty thanks and a Five Star rating. Dr. Ray Dyer, B.Ed., M.Phil.(Leeds), PhD. (Sheffield).
1 review
Aghil J.
3 July 2023
If there was an option for zero stars, it would be more than fitting for the service I received at LMC Trade Centre. I was interested in a Toyota Auris listed by them, so I set up an appointment for the very next working day. I made it abundantly clear that I was undertaking a hefty journey from Bristol, which would take me 5 hours by bus. Despite this information, they gave me the impression that the car would be available upon my arrival. When I finally reached the dealership, I was met
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Neil F.
14 June 2023
Excelent Service. Messages the day prior to inform of visit. Very polite and does a professional job, at a competative price. He has never let me down. Highly recommend.
1 review
9 June 2023
Carl's Cobblers. Carl is a friendly, helpful and is very knowledgeable. What Carl doesn't Know about shoes watches etc isn't worth knowing about. A true professional. I'd recommend him rather that Timpson's
3 June 2023
Once again when recently exchanging money at the Leeds Crossgates branch we received 5 star service, staff always go above and beyond.
1 review
29 May 2023
In all three recent repairs, they messed up my car which caused me weeks of waste of time, hundreds of pounds of unnecessary costs, plus two dangerous breakdowns and car tows in the middle of a highway/intersection, and it was right after their repairs! Summary of 4 repairs: 1- Changed oil and filter. Once arrived home I realised the underneath is leaking oil. Called them and they advised wait for a few days; It dries out! Nothing changed and even got worse after a week. The engine was completely
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1 review
Simon B.
26 May 2023
We bought our kitchen from Design House Interiors 4 years ago. The reason we chose to go with them, was the quote was competitive, the pre sales service was really good, and the quality of their kitchens was something they promoted. Unfortunately, that’s where the positives end. There is a massive defect with the kitchen we purchased, all the laminate from the doors is lifting away, its only just become noticeable as it started coming away from the corners, which wasn’t visible until it spreads
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1 review
25 May 2023
Sorted staff good prices
Sarah P.
21 May 2023
Hi been today very busy but very expensive as it's more like a market than a car boot.travel a long way .Also noticed people were getting turned away as there was no room to sell.Niticed the market stall people are given lots of room to sell .so if they were not to have the room people would have got in .
2 reviews
Marina O.
8 May 2023
What a fantastic experience we have had getting our little puppy from Tinyshires. An amazing breeder who looks after her dogs and puppies so well. Our puppy had a vet check, wormed,fleed and microchipped prior to pick up. Such a smooth transition. I would highly recommend using this breeder. You can see it’s a total devotion the way these dogs and puppies are looked after.
1 review
Linda T.
5 May 2023
2 reviews
13 April 2023
They aren’t a good practice at all
6 April 2023
The woman working behind the desk told me she needed a word with me today *she was angry. I asked about what. She said I left hygiene articles on the sun bed last time and she had to clean it up and not do it again. I was absolutely shocked and tried to explain to her over and over I dont even have my period and have not used them sort of products for years. She just smirked and said IT WAS YOU!! It was surreal. I never met anyone so rude and confrontational in my life. When I asked to talk to the
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Yvonne J.
22 March 2023
Excellent treatment received. Highly recomend
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