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1 review
andrea m.
27 November 2023
I used this service before and I had a good experience, until I tried to get them out again today. They wasted my whole day. They asked me to text photos - even though I had told them it was very difficult to take them do the location of the broken pipe. Then argued they did not receive the photos, to an extent that was simply bizarre and bordering on harassment, and would not come out without seeing photos. Totally bizarre and unpleasant. Please avoid.
1 review
18 November 2023
Every time me and my kids attended was ok til I asked for an appointment for my 6 years old autistic son who is on pain and they said they are not giving me any appointments til I pay £35 for an appointment that I missed. First, I phoned to cancel my appointment, second, I am the one who missed the appointment no ma wee man so he shouldn't be punished for that, third, I phoned to cancel it so is not my fault if the receptionist didn't register it. The dentist cancelled 2 appointments to us in the
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20 September 2023
Incompetent in their field. They do not deem it necessary to answer calls and are unaware of embassy contacts. They neglect to inform clients about the status of their documents and the expected return times. They have missed all imaginable deadlines, and I cannot find out the whereabouts of my passport. It is an utterly inhumane and discourteous attitude. I fail to comprehend how they have a monopoly on visa processing, but this is simply shameful and disgraceful. Furthermore, I also cannot understand
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1 review
Iwona K.
26 July 2023
worst kebab in edinburgh. No respect for the customer. on Monday I stood for 10 minutes and no one served me, no one deigned to leave the back room. with such an approach to the customer, the place will not last long
3 reviews
J T.
24 April 2023
Dave Lloyd was super helpful with a tricky repair to a display on my audio system. All done in a few days. Delighted.
7 reviews
24 April 2023
Advantages Very fast installing Disadvantages KEEP AWAY. Very unserious company, I've been waiting for months for the correct panels to be installed but they keep putting it off. I signed the contract on January 9, 2023, on January 12 the panels had already been assembled (fantastic!), and the same day the company called me in the afternoon and demanded the balance of the payment. I reply that I wish I had time to go home (I was working) to see the finished work. When I get home it was already
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